• Instant Analysis

    Analyze all of your data in real-time. Easily trend production loss data alongside process data to help determine root cause.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Use dataPARC's reporting capabilities to relay production loss data, by area, up and down the operator and manager chain.

  • Calculations & Variables

    Bring in data from multiple sources to ensure all key values and variables are included in calculations.

Quickly Determine the Real Cost of Process Upsets

Analyze lost opportunity events, triggered by downtime, reduced speed, or quality defects, using actual lost production for each event. Compare total lost production for each root cause. Easily build daily, weekly, and monthly reports to calculate lost production and the associated cost.

Assign Reasons to Lost Production Events

Create reason trees and categorize events in PARCview to help quantify the total cost of lost production and identify areas in need of improvement. Operators can verify/assign reasons and enter custom comments for production loss events.


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