Solution Applications

Manage KPIs with Tag Limits

Identify the PARCview Tags that represent a plant’s KPIs and then define upper and lower operational parameters. PARCview allows for multiple types of tag limits, including control, specification, operator, safety, and custom.

Configure grade-based, rate-based, tag-based, or fixed limits. PARCview supports limit versioning for greater flexibility and the ability to access tag limits from third-party data systems. Track limit violations to report on KPI status.


Improve management of KPIs using PARCview’s KPI Report. Utilizing integrated limits mentioned above, the report will calculate percent compliance with the base line and display color-coded results. Create logical groupings of points to see conformance by point, by KPI, or by area.

Automated generation of reports as an Excel file or PDF and distribution via email ensures critical information reaches Shift Supervisors, Area Managers and Plant Managers.


Leverage the power of PARCalarm’s supervisory engine to create and deliver dynamic reports of key production events. Filter out process downtime and minimize irrelevant events by applying deadbanding logic. Delivery options include Email, Sharepoint, printer and other convenient methods.