• Access to Necessary Data

    Get the data you need to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. PARCserver’s tag historian allows for customization of data collection speed and density for individual points.

  • Calculate Aggragates

    PARCcalc Server’s fully configurable calculation engine allows aggregations to be calculated accurately and in accordance with regulation-defined methodologies

  • Compliance Reporting

    Time period, process, equipment, and point-based KPI reports allow ongoing tracking of permit compliance and spread knowledge of events to stakeholders.

Event Detection and Notification

Use PARCalarm’s rule-based alarm engine to build smart alarm definitions that reliably detect compliance events, including data loss, real time, and aggregate exceedance of regulation limits.

Apply deadbanding and filter out process downtime to minimize irrelevant alarms. Alarm event data can be forwarded to PARCview’s Logbook, and notifications can be sent via email or SMS.

Assign Additional Information to Events

Attach additional information, such as operator comments or tag data-based evidence, to alarm events through several of PARCview’s display types, including Trends, Alarm Lists, and Centerlines.

Structured reason trees with root causes and corrective actions allow operations to categorize compliance events for later reporting and statistical analysis.

Simplify Review of Event Data

Alarm event data can be viewed throughout PARCview from Trends, Pareto charts, PARCgraphics, and more. Any changes to the properties of an alarm event, such as start time, end time, or any additional information attached to the event, generates a complete Audit entry in dataPARC’s database, insuring accurate tracking of the additonal information’s source and any further modifications.


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